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Whedonites United - Creators of WhedonFest

A Community of Joss Whedon Fans building family and changing the world

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Whedonites United - Creators of WhedonFest


May 4th, 2013

Facebook Summer is here again, and with it, preparations for WhedonFest   Nashville's own Can't Stop the Serenity event is going into it's fifth year, it's fourth year at Barefoot Republic in Scottsville, Kentucky!

You can find details about WhedonFest9th-11th)  (Aug here. It'll take place August 9-11th.  This family-friendly con takes place in a beatiful natural setting that evokes the outer rim planets on Firefly. Weekend packages and day trips are available, with registration open now.  More details will follow about programming, but two things that you can always count on are a shindig with costume contest and a screening of Serenity.  

For those of you who live within travelling distance of Middle Tennessee but who can't make it to WhedonFest, there's our Joss Whedon Birthday Bash on June 23rd. As alwys, we haveg great bands for a great price, supporting the same great causes that you're supporting at WhedonFest!  There also may be movie excursions (Much Ado!!!) and other, strictly social events as the summer goes on.  Check back here or join our Facebook group

Last year ws one of our best years ever, and we're looking forward to another great one!

September 30th, 2009

Whedonites United was formed during the initial planning stages of Nashville's first time participating in Can't Stop the Serenity, which quickly turned into a three day mini-con. (The following is cut for length and pic-spam)


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And finally, since the whole reason for this was to raise money for charity, we left the camp and spent the next couple weeks gathering all our final donations, crunching the numbers, paying our final bills, and can happily say that we raised
for our charities: Equality Now, Nashville CARES, and Kids Need to Read.
We sent off $1500.85 to Equality Now (75% of our total), $300.17 to Nashville CARES (15%), and $200.11 to Kids Need to Read (10%).

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